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An immersive map based palace for Satanists with labyrinthine buildings to explore, learn and connect within:

The Satanic Estate.

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Temple is one of the three virtual buildings of The Satanic Estate.


The Satanic Estate has three buildings.

The Satanic Estate comprises three buildings-- The Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters (TSTVHQ-- our communal home), Faction Hall (our event hall) and starting June 8th, our religious center for weekly services (our Temple.)

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I loved meeting my people at TSTVHQ last night! I’ll end up missing a name tagging- but you all know who you are! Epic time.


It's really something, you'll love it.

Lucien Greaves

My mind was so excited from human interaction last night during #TSTVHQ that I had a dream about @LucienGreaves, where he was a sort of vampire we were all defending from vampire hunters.

Abyzien Serpentis

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