Dispatches from the Caretakers

  • FAQ: Movie Night with The Satanic Temple (August 3rd) in Salem, MA

  • BENEFACTORS: A New Kind of Caretaker

    Would you like to contribute to The Estate but rather than time, your available resource is financial? 
  • It’s Our Birthday!

    One year ago today, The Satanic Estate held its very first event! Before many of our caretakers joined, the Estate was essentially just our fearle...
  • Halloween Revelries at The Satanic Estate

      A whispering, autumnal breeze rattles through the antediluvian trees of the Estate, heralding October's return. Halloween pulses through these w...
  • Michelle Remembers: The Porn Parody Black Carpet Premiere and Auction

    Saturday, August 21 The Satanic Estate invades TSTTV with a Black Carpet premiere of "Michelle Remembers: The Porn Parody" which streamed live dur...
  • Come celebrate Unveiling Day at The Satanic Estate!

    July 25th is Unveiling Day, and we here at The Satanic Estate are looking forward to celebrating with you on July 23rd and 24th. We celebrate Unv...
  • Hail Pride Virtual Ballroom

    Happy Pride from all of us here at The Estate. As part of our celebration for Hail Pride, we’re excited to be hosting a Virtual Ballroom for guests...
  • Satanic Writer's Circle | AFTER SERVICES ACTIVITIES

    We will devise the structure for this group during our first meeting this evening. Our primary intention is to create a space for loving accountability for writers of poetry, short stories, novels, screenplays, theater scripts etc.
  • Dark Arts and Crafts | AFTER SERVICES ACTIVITIES

    Bring your WACOM tablet, Apple Pen, paint, markers. sewing machine, pencils etc and finally make some progress on that piece you've been ignoring. Artists can join the event via Zoom link (available in the room description) or craft quietly and just check in via the chat.
  • Satanic Sober Faction at Temple | AFTER SERVICES ACTIVITIES

    Join TST Sober Faction at 10pm after Temple services at the Satanic Estate for Sober Satanist community building. 
  • Dungeons & Dragons after Weekly Religious Services at TheSatanic.Estate

    Join Kaelea at Temple for weekly D&D on Tuesdays at 10 PM ET - 12 PM ET! Check the calendar in Estate to confirm which room it is being held in.
  • Satanic Pride at The Satanic Estate: You're Invited

    June is Pride Month and we here at The Estate are looking forward to celebrating with you! Since Pride is a time to both revel and reflect, we’re excited to bring a series of lectures, panels, events, ritual and more highlighting queer voices within the Satanic community.