BENEFACTORS: A New Kind of Caretaker

Benefactor Caretaker: A new way to support The Satanic Estate

Would you like to contribute to The Estate but rather than time, your available resource is financial? 

Do you also wish to indulge your luxurious satanic taste while supporting incredible satanic artists?

Twice annually in 2022 The Satanic Estate will be launching luxury satanic goods in our flagship Benefactors program. We humbly invite you to join us.

The Benefactors Program is a method of fundraising while elevating the experience of being a guest at The Estate. By becoming a benefactor, you are supporting the work of the Caretakers at The Satanic Estate and helping us invest in our infrastructure such as our front end and back end for our webapp and ability to develop a mobile version.

Benefactors are Caretakers of The Satanic Estate
In addition to the reward of making the international home for thousands of Satanists possible, Benefactors also:
  • Twice annual luxury goods collaborations with prominent satanic creatives-- each one retailing at $200 + 
  • Automatic access to all events-- no need to get tickets, you're on the list
  • Certificate Flaunting Benefactor Status
  • Benefactors Exclusive Garment Of Your Choice
  • Quarterly Benefactor Exclusive Email Newsletter
Benefactors may support The Estate annually using .


To become a Benefactor Caretaker of The Satanic Estate, purchase