Dungeons & Dragons after Weekly Religious Services at TheSatanic.Estate

Join Kaelea at Temple for weekly D&D on Tuesdays at 10 PM ET - 12 PM ET! Check the calendar in Estate to confirm which room it is being held in.

Note from your Dungeon Mistress, Kaelea Kae:
In the 1980s, Dungeons & Dragons was a hit with gamers all over the world. It was also one of many targets for a nationwide Satanic Panic in the United States, with religious leaders, concerned parents, and others, all clutching their pearls over a perceived connection between the game and occultism, suicide, and violence. This stigma has persisted somewhat throughout the years, all the way to present day. Despite the game’s recent surge in popularity, there are still
those who believe it bears a connection to the Satanic. 

In a way, they’re correct; Dungeons & Dragons, to me, is the ultimate expression of creativity and imagination – a delightful blend of board game, improv theater, and fiction writing. Growing up, I was drawn to the game as a result of my love for Tolkien and fantasy fiction in general. It gave me space to tell the stories I wanted to tell and be the kind of person I wanted to be – a particularly useful escape for a queer kid in the closet. The vast array of fictional deities in the greater D&D pantheon was a reminder that, if a god didn’t want you, you could follow a different one, make up a new one, or toss them all out and follow your own path. What could be more Satanic?

Today, D&D is more popular than ever before. Hundreds of streamers play regularly, some with audiences in the thousands. Stories span years of real-life time as gamers expand their adventure week to week. D&D and countless other tabletop games are now widely available and accessible in the form of books, comics, gaming accessories, and mobile apps. There’s truly never been a better time to be a nerd. 

By now you can probably tell that I possess a deep appreciation for D&D and tabletop roleplaying in general. Because of this, I’m delighted to be starting a regular game here at The Satanic Estate. Our group will be adventuring through a homebrew campaign that I hope will prove memorable for players and viewers alike. It’s my wish that we’ll be rolling lots of dice, cracking a bunch of jokes, telling some stories, and, most importantly, having fun. 

Hail Satan and roll for initiative…