FAQ: Movie Night with The Satanic Temple (August 3rd) in Salem, MA

If you're planning to attend IRL Movie Night, there are a few things to know.

What is Movie Night?

Movie Night started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Lucien began hosting a weekly "movies and chill" over Kast for all Satanists and Satan-adjacent friends who were stuck at home or in quarantine.  What started as a way to ease the feeling of isolation soon grew into a community of like-minded friends and compatriots who share a particular proclivity for watching bad movies.

Carrying on this tradition for over two years has forged lasting bonds through humor and trauma; and now, we proudly offer the chance to get together live and in-person to watch some of the worst cinema to ever grace celluloid together.  On August 3rd, 2022, the very first IRL Movie Night With The Satanic Temple will take place in Salem, MA.

What will IRL movie night be like?

Similar to virtual movie nights, a selection of films will be shown and live commentary is not only encouraged, but appreciated.  Attendees will meet and travel together to the venue that will host this event.  We'll laugh, we'll cry, and we'll quite possibly retch up the remnants of that ill-advised lobstertini lunch from Lobster Shanty.

Any trigger warnings?

As any Movie Night goer will be aware, the content of the films on display will almost certainly have adult themes and not be for those with a sensitivity to foul language, violence, gore, alcohol or drug use, sexual themes, puppets, pornography, puppet-pornography, banana cruelty, overtly-religious propaganda, covertly anti-religious sentiment, farting, excessive bodily fluids, or live birthing.*

This event is 18+ only, and tickets will not be sold at the door.

* This list is not exhaustive

By purchasing tickets, you're agreeing that:
    • You're over 18 years of age
    • You understand that the typical TST3K event will be tame by comparison to what this evening will entail
    • You acknowledge that there will be a Satanic Unbaptism Ritual taking place during the event
    • You will follow all posted rules and Codes of Conduct or you will be removed from the event (See our Live Event Content Policy here)
    • You have received a full vaccination against COVID-19, and are able to present proof of vaccination status and follow any and all COVID protocols as requested

How do I get tickets?

I see two different tickets; what's that about?

  • There will be a live Unbaptism Ritual that you can participate in during the event if you so choose.  Be sure to select this option with your ticket so we can plan accordingly.  This will not affect the price of your ticket.
    • Ticket pricing: $33 
    • Unbaptism + Ticket pricing: $33
  • Whether or not you add the Unbaptism to your ticket or not, you will not have any more or less access to movie night itself.  In other words, this is just like any other movie night - you do not have to pay a premium to watch horrible movies.  Donations in the form of ticket pricing for movie night, however, are very much appreciated, and will help us break even on the cost of hosting the event.  If you need financial assistance for the price of the ticket itself, please email support@thesatanic.estate with the subject line "Movie Night Live" and we'll be happy to provide options.

I can't afford tickets. Can I still come?

YES!  If purchasing a ticket to movie night creates a financial hardship, please reach out to us at support@thesatanic.estate with the subject line "Movie Night Live" and we'll be happy to provide options.  For those already traveling to Salem, we want to ensure you that no one will be left out of movie night due to ticket pricing.

I have my tickets - how do I attend?

  2. Transportation vehicles to an undisclosed secondary location will arrive in sequence beginning as early as 6:00 PM. More information about the time your assigned transport will be provided within 48 hours of the event. Be sure to be in the area well before 6 PM.
  3. Don't be late - once the last transport leaves, we won't be able to collect you and bring you to the venue!
  4. If you're planning on bringing your own vehicle, you can meet us at Sonia when doors open at 7PM ET.  
    Sonia is located at 10 Brookline St., Cambridge MA 02139. Be sure to check their FAQ for important venue info and parking: https://www.mideastoffers.com/faq

I have another question that wasn't answered here - who do I ask?

Please email support@thesatanic.estate with the subject line "Movie Night Live" and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.