Hail Pride Virtual Ballroom

Happy Pride from all of us here at The Estate. As part of our celebration for Hail Pride, we’re excited to be hosting a Virtual Ballroom for guests to participate in! Ballroom has an important place in LGBTQ+ culture. Historically, it has been a necessary act of resistance among queer people of color, in defiance of oppressive laws & social attitudes. Over time, it has gained recognition in the mainstream as an avenue for self-expression. With this said, we must also recognize that ballroom in the mainstream is not the same (nor does it carry the same significance) as ballroom by and for queer people, specifically queer people of color. In celebrating self-expression, we will also be discussing the position of ballroom as artistry, counterculture, and rebellion against racist, transphobic, and homophobic norms. 

Our goal with this event is to encourage our guests to share and celebrate themselves in a way that is affirming and builds connection. With this in mind, we invite participants of all identities, expressions, sexualities, and body types to share their submissions. 

So what ARE we looking for? 

In short, we’re looking for a walk! Strut your stuff and show off your favorite and most fabulous outfits and looks. Walk, dance, turn, sashay, and pose! Show off your stunning self in a 1-2 minute video on social media by tagging @TheSatanicEstate and the hashtags #HailPride and #VirtualBallroom!

    • Where possible, make sure your video is landscape as opposed to portrait (that’s wider horizontally than vertically).
    • No nudity please.
    • Cut off date for submissions is June 21st.
    • We will be adding music over submissions so take a listen to some of the tracks and walk to the beat!

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

After submissions have been shown, please hang around with us for a deeper discussion about ballroom’s history and presence in the mainstream. 

Have fun and Hail Pride!