Satanic Pride at The Satanic Estate: You're Invited

June is Pride Month and we here at The Estate are looking forward to celebrating with you! Since Pride is a time to both revel and reflect, we’re excited to bring a series of lectures, panels, events, ritual and more highlighting queer voices within the Satanic community. For our many queer Caretakers, planning a Satanic Pride event is a dream come true; it’s an opportunity for us to celebrate our identities and call attention to issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community at large.

Our vision for Pride is to create a brave space that is inclusive and welcoming. In doing so, we aim to embrace the many ways in which Satanism and queerness are intricately linked together for many Satanists. Pride itself represents a time to hail ourselves by hailing our expression, our identity, and our love. What could be more Satanic? So come join us on Friday June 25th and Saturday June 26th to celebrate and stand up for our LGBTQ+ Satanists!

Tickets are "pay what you want" so save the date and feel free to contribute your presence, financially or both - whatever is best for you.

Hail Satan! Hail Pride!