Michelle Remembers: The Porn Parody Black Carpet Premiere and Auction

Saturday, August 21 The Satanic Estate invades TSTTV with a Black Carpet premiere of "Michelle Remembers: The Porn Parody" which streamed live during Lupercalia 2021.

The watch party begins at 9:30 PM ET with a LIVE Black Carpet Extravaganza with the cast members, hosted by Kaelea Kae & then we'll watch the table-read together at 10:30 PM ET on TheSatanicTemple.TV - this is a free event!

Join us in celebrating "Michelle Remembers: The Porn Parody" finding its home on TSTTV!

“It’s better than anything. Better than Jesus. Better than all the other stupid fucking crap you’ve been watching on Netflix or anything else. This table reading is better than any of that bullshit you have seen all fucking year.” - Lucien Greaves

For the occasion, we are auctioning Lucien Greaves' original artwork inspired by the Lupercalia live reading as well as a limited number of 18"x24" signed posters, starting August 16 and running through August 21st. The Satanic Estate will also have additional items (tees, crops, standard posters) available in the Estate shop starting on Monday August 16. 

Event Schedule

August 16-21: Michelle Remembers: An Unforgettable Auction
August 21 9:30 PM ET: Live Black Carpet Extravaganza with Kaelea Kae and cast
August 21 10:30 PM ET: Michelle Remembers Premiere on TSTTV

"Michelle Remembers: The Porn Parody" Cast

  • Chalice Blythe (Michelle)
  • Dex Desjardins (Dr Pazder)
  • Justin Pearson (Dad)
  • Mercy Maelica (Mom)
  • Jesika Vaylen (Kid)
  • Sadie Satanas (double role Nun and Satan)
  • Viktor Lament (Flesh)
  • Belial (Assmodeus)
  • Kaelea Kae (Teacher)
  • Damien Blackmoor (Brent Felcher)
  • Mischief Madness (Madge Felcher)


This event is for adults 18+ only.
This is a free event  - no tickets are needed.