It’s Our Birthday!

One year ago today, The Satanic Estate held its very first event! Before many of our caretakers joined, the Estate was essentially just our fearless co-directors Jack and Ada working frantically with the developers who donated the software to create our multi-mansion estate, a place for Satanists to come home to. Since then, we’ve grown a lot! We’ve held over 10 events including holiday events for Sol Invictus, Lupercalia, Hexennacht, Pride Month, Unveiling Day, and Halloween as well as the first ever World Congress on Moral Panics, a release party for Satanic Planet’s inaugural album, a table reading of Michelle Remembers: The Porn Parody, and weekly religious services every Tuesday. We have 20 caretakers from 4 countries working together to make these events happen throughout the calendar. Across these events we’ve had nearly 6500 attendees in total. 

None of us could have ever anticipated this type of success, and we’re perpetually grateful to our wonderful guests and performers for their contributions toward building a truly remarkable Satanic community. Looking back over the last year, several of our caretakers offered some of their reflections on being a part of The Satanic Estate:

Jack: While October 8th marks the anniversary of the first public TheSatanic.Estate event, Ada and I actually started working on TSE properly about four months beforehand in June of 2020. We had donated code, the help of some developer friends who donated it and barely enough time to pull anything together. The rickety open source Jitsi code meant only 25 people could be in a room, chat was unstable, we had zero auth … the place was a mess. 

Then we figured out we could stream to YouTube with OBS which opened up more options for performers and we learned to livestream the zoom calls for discussion panels, Rene and Hiro came in and got auth working and replaced Jitsi’s chat so we didn’t have to limit the room sizes. Saint came in and brought in design skills and aesthetics that caught people’s attention better than anything Ada and I were going to come up with. Lady and Kaelea and Liz and Malak and Ashley and Katiya and Hadrian and Joe and Maryline and Meilin and Owen and a bunch of other people stepped in and wanted to help. 

There’s an old fable about these three hobos that wander into a poor farming town and fill a pot with water talking about how they’re going to make stone soup and start boiling rocks. When the villagers came out and asked what they were doing they’d say things like ‘stone soup is delicious on its own but I wish we had some carrots’ and lo and behold one of the farmers had a few old carrots and they got added to the soup. Then someone would have a potato, or some spices … and by the end of the story there’s a big pot of soup with enough for everyone to share.

So it isn’t lost on me that for the last year we’ve basically been allowed to make something out of nothing, and that for all the work and time it’s taken that something is greater than the sum of its parts and we couldn’t have done it without the kindnesses of others adding the contributions that only they could make, even when that contribution was just buying a ticket, or retweeting an announcement. 

And that’s not to mention the performers and presenters, who agreed to do events for TSE at a fraction of what they deserve because that’s what we can afford to pay them. 

I’m really proud of the fact that during the height of the pandemic lockdowns we were able to sell enough tickets pay some creative people for being creative in a way that only a space like TheSatanic.Estate can. 

And of course there’s the amount we were able to raise for TST as well. It’s not lost on me how expensive lawyers are and given the state of reproductive rights in particular and the wall of separation between church and state in general we … not just us Satanists mind you, but all of us, are staring down the barrel of some particularly difficult legal battles with a bunch of very vocal and well-funded zealots before a hostile judiciary. The outcomes of those battles are always far from certain and I’m glad we can do our part to help see those very real-world legal actions with real world consequences are funded while managing to show everyone a good time for a night without even having to leave the house. 

So I hope we can keep doing it, and improving it, because it’s pretty good and I know we can make it better.

… if only we had some carrots.


Malak: Through the construction and continuous evolution of a safe and treasured environment for Satanists to assemble, I've been extremely fortunate to form friendships with fellow Satanists from all over the world that I likely wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for TSE.

We give our time and abilities as Caretakers to demonstrate our commitment to TSE's purpose and our love for this community. We're excited to build on the popularity of previous events such as the Grey Faction Conference, weekly Temple services, and our Satanic holiday-related activities.

We're grateful for the support our community has shown us over the past year and are looking forward to providing more diabolical experiences in the future! Hail to thyself, and to the Caretakers!


Tanooki: TSE quickly became a safe haven during 2020. It allowed many of us to stay connected with the love & support of our Satanic community while the world outside seemed to crumble. 

Thanks to TSE, I’ve been lucky enough to form friendships from all over the globe and meet some of the best people who have now become some of my closest friends. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the team that makes it all possible. 

Hail TSE


Hiro: I am passionate about working on The Satanic Estate and I would be very sad if I was not a part of it. I find purpose and life satisfaction from all my endeavors with The Satanic Estate.


Kaelea: I still get butterflies before every event. There is a thrill to seeing this community do what it does best – hail one another and ourselves. To be a part of making that happen is something else that still gives me butterflies too. Every day, I have the privilege of being among some of the hardest-working and most passionate people I’ve ever met. And all to make awesome Satanic shit. To myself and so many others I’ve met, The Estate has truly become a home. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!


Lady Abigor: I have to admit that it is tough to find just the right words to describe how much being involved with The Satanic Estate has meant to me over the last month. 

I remember seeing posts on social media about a new venture opening up that would be a virtual space for Satanists to meet. Finding a connection with another soul has become the most challenging. I remember being a part of the initial testing feeling happy that this existed and wondering how the experience would evolve over the upcoming months and years. 

To my delight, I have attended multiple events and have never felt disappointing in any way with any experience that I’ve had. Within one night at the estate, let alone multiple nights, one can experience lighthearted and deep conversations, learn about subjects that you might not have known much about before but most importantly, connect with someone on a personal level to learn what inspires them. 

Whether a holiday or the Grey Faction conference, it’s been an absolute delight seeing people join our Estate virtually to have their own experiences and take those experiences into their own lives. I am so incredibly fortunate that I took the initiative to email our Director to ask if they needed any assistance. I am even more humbled that they excepted me and found a second home within my colleagues at TSE. When we use the phrase “Welcome home,” we honestly mean it because everyone that we welcome through our virtual doors will be welcomed with love and understanding, and respect. 

So with that said… Happy birthday to you, and I look forward to celebrating our next birthday!


Hadrian: I'm a relatively new edition to the Estate team but the experiences I've had over the last few months I wouldn't trade for anything. Being welcomed into this tremendous, unrelentingly creative space and having my ideas heard and ultimately realized through the brilliance of all the caretakers working together is something I rarely experience, and something I long to continue as The Satanic Estate barrels ahead into year two and countless years ahead. 

It truly does feel like coming home, something I'm eternally grateful for and realize I've not truly experienced before now.



René: Similar to the story of the first humans tricked by a serpent to acquire knowledge I was tricked by my infernal goddaughter Maryline Morand into joining The Estate. Much like those humans in the story my life has been altered for the better as a result. From the compassionate understanding and wisdom of Ada, our fearless leader; the caretakers who relentlessly strive to help those in need; and those, like myself, who have supporting roles which enable The Estate to function; I have grown as a Satanist and become a better person as a result. The Estate has become my home and those who work here are my family. Hail The Estate and Hail Satan!


We hope you enjoy your time at the Estate in the year to come; if you enjoy what we’re doing here, please consider donating. 

Hail Satan and Hail The Satanic Estate!