Come celebrate Unveiling Day at The Satanic Estate!

July 25th is Unveiling Day, and we here at The Satanic Estate are looking forward to celebrating with you on July 23rd and 24th. We celebrate Unveiling Day, a celebration of religious plurality and shedding archaic superstition. Since Unveiling Day is a time to both revel and reflect, we're excited to bring a series of lectures, panels, events, and more highlighting voices within the Satanic community.

A centerpiece of our religious movement and icon of modern Satanism, the Baphomet with Children statue was commissioned by The Satanic Temple in 2014 and created by Mark Porter with "respect for diversity and religious minorities" in mind. On July 25th, 2015, The Satanic Temple unveiled Baphomet to a large crowd of devotees in Detroit, signaling the beginning of the new Satanic era. We observe this milestone in Satanic history by celebrating Unveiling Day.

Our list of performers feature:
Lucien Greaves
Shiva Honey
Jack Matirko
Adam Ostrofsky / The Satanic Chef
Thomas O'Brien Vallor / Salem Witch Wiles
Fliq Valentina from TST Australia
The Spinsters of Horror
Dee Mendes
Mercy Maelica / Whimsical Blasphemy
Dre Naylor / Culture of the Craft
Dex Desjardins
Chalice Blythe
Lilith Starr
Stephen Bradford Long 
Hollow Axis
Anna Biller

Tickets are available as day passes for July 23rd or 24th for $6.66 and full event passes priced at $13.13. Financial need tickets are also available.

We also have posters and shirts for those who would like a souvenir of Unveiling 2021!



Statement from TSE Creative Director Saint+Licorice about the concept & thought process behind the art for this Unveiling:

"The concept is transformation, ownership and pride of one's identity, religion and Satanism. We all have our own Satanism and are different individuals but still a cohesive ensemble of colorful folks with shared values and a united direction. 

Unveiling is the celebration of religious plurality and the milestone of a new Satanic era with the Unveiling of the TST Baphomet statue but ultimately I view this as a celebration of ownership and pride of being a Satanist; having agency, being empowered, living on my own terms & representing myself without compromise." 

We hope you'll join us for Unveiling!
Hail Satan.
The Caretakers