Tea Room Dialogues - Tour Bus Special with Amanda Palmer

Tour Bus Tape special

A little background on what's going on with this episode. We hoped that when Tea Room Dialogues is on hiatus, we would periodically post some random extra episode as a mid-season break special. But with everything else going on at The Estate lately, we haven't had much time.

However, we did come across this sporadic audio recording from one of our Estate Caretakers. We decided it's a fascinating snapshot into ... let's call it, a bit of Estate lore.

We don't know the actual date of the recording. There's consensus that it was a pre-Obama era, but whether it was before or after the election is unclear.
What we can say for certain is that at some point in what we believe mid-to-late 2008, The Estate's very own Ada King found herself on a tour bus with Amanda Palmer and a cell phone with a voice recorder.

We feel this is informative because when people ask 'what kind of people would make such a thing as The Satanic Estate?' we are obliged to answer. And near as we can ascertain 'the kind of people who were doing freelance entertainment journalism the midst of the great recession.

Now, to put this in context for Amanda Palmer fans, it is generally agreed upon that this was most likely during touring for the 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer?' album, which is significant because it would put it right before she would go on to the ridiculously successful Kickstarter that lead to Art of Asking and redefining the patron model for creatives. So we hope you find this candid glimpse into an earlier part of a truly unique career enjoyable.

All the best,
The Caretakers