Tea Room Dialogues - Chalice Blythe

Former Chapter head and International Council member Chalice Blythe was researching through the Satanic Panic collection in the library when Mary happens by and the pair decides to break for tea.

The pair engage in a rousing, in-depth, and intimate conversation spanning Chalice’s years of involvement with The Satanic Temple, from co-founding the original Utah Chapter, heading up national campaigns, insights from her time on International Council, and her current work with Grey Faction including the upcoming 2021 World Congress on Moral Panics, which will be hosted at the Estate starting next week on April 9th.

For more about Grey Faction please visit greyfaction.org.


The Tea Room Dialogues is a conversational podcast featuring Estate guests and caretakers from all over the world. Get to know more about our guests and staff, hear stories that don’t make it into talks and presentations, feel the laid back ambiance of our virtual tea room like you’re overhearing a conversation at your local coffee shop.

For more information about The Satanic Temple visit: thesatanictemple.com

HOST: Maryline Spicy
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Saint+Licorice