The Satanic Estate presents: Tea Room Dialogues

How did this podcast come to life?

At first, we wanted to help our houseguests to stay connected with The Satanic Estate while getting to know our fantastic performers a bit deeper. Specifically, we started with the idea of a series of written interviews with our performers to be published on our blog. After sending the interview questions to our first two interviewees, I offered to conduct the Zoom interview, record it, and transcribe it. As we were finishing the first recording Ada, the director of VHQ suggested we made it into a podcast. This is how she became the producer of this interview/ conversational format podcast.

All caretakers of The Estate have tea and a conversation with guests in this room. It will be quite the selection, diversi-tea and varie-tea. Stay tuned!

The Estate’s Tea Room

Everchanging bookshelves would contain books as an extension to the VHQ library alongside curiosities and oddities. All around, the Conservatory windows boast reading nooks with a view. Each window has its own bench; perhaps a wooden trunk with pillows for storage for board games or build in with cupboards underneath. In a corner, there is a little alcove with an onyx and ivory iteration of Jack Matirko's four-person chess board. Big armchairs are littered around the fireplace along with simple, comfortable chairs and tables where people can come work, snack, discuss around some tea.

There are brocade drapes and curtains on the tall windows. Engraving prints on the walls and worn rugs are eclectic, but the room makes sense. There is something for everyone here and lots of discussions to be had.

The Tea Room/ Salon de thé concept

I always wanted to have a B&B with a Salon de thé. A "Salon de thé" is a tea room, a public place where people gather and relax, like a café. It is usually paired with a shop (like a coffee shop) where loose tea is sold. Sweet and/or savory pastries and cakes are also offered. Sometimes they even have luncheons with salads, tarts, quiches or "conferees" (candies) and chocolates. Some tea rooms even provide hookahs to customers!

I believe french and english tea parlor or whatchamacallit-in-English originated in the Middle East and Asia, and "we", the colonialist jerks, did some "adapting to our culture" to enjoy imported stuff from our colonies, aka mint tea from northern Africa (Maghreb), rooibos from deeper in South Africa and Vietnamese herbal, green and black tea… 

The Salon de thé I dream of would be a place to meet, exchange, discover, learn, be amazed and feel safe. The venue I envisioned has all the elements of a giant cabinet de curiosité with an extensive library of books and board games, a "little free library"/swap box for books outside, local artists exhibition, curiosity and oddities all around, arts and crafts ateliers aka workshops, clothing swaps and lectures within bed and breakfast.

This Tea Room and this podcast are another one of my wildest dreams coming true thanks to the Virtual Headquarters.


Special Thanks

I would like to thank my amazing fellow caretakers for making this project as exciting and beautiful as it is!

In particular Saint Licorice our graphic designer; Lady Abigor for proofreading, input and cheers; Ada King fierce and beloved Director and Producer and our hero Jack Matirko for doing so much in the editing process as well as being such an awesome podcast mentor/master!

Finally, many thanks to our Teatime guests! We hope everyone enjoys!