PRE-ORDER: Unveiling Crop Tee

PRE-ORDER: Unveiling Crop Tee

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Keep a souvenir of Unveiling 2021 & add Satanic flare to your wardrobe.

This is a crop tee of The Satanic Estate's Unveiling design with textures that mimics paper and glitter. The print lets the black garment come through softly which makes this top light, comfy and gives it a grunge edge.

Shirts will ship in August 2021.

Locally sourced via Satanic creators.

Learn more about the tee shirt here.
Printed by Hemlock Ink in Hingham, MA.
Designed by Saint Licorice.

Statement from the Artist:
The concept is transformation, ownership and pride of one's identity, religion and Satanism. We all have our own Satanism and are different individuals but still a cohesive ensemble of colorful folks with shared values and a united direction.


We need 25 shirt orders to hit print minimums. If guests do not pre-order 25 shirts, they will be offered a different item or refund, whichever they prefer.