Lupercalia at The Estate THURSDAY 2/10

Lupercalia at The Estate THURSDAY 2/10

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We are honored to have you join us for properly raucous celebration of the self for Lupercalia at The Estate! Hail yourself with this celebration of bodily autonomy, sexual liberation, and reproduction.

Gifted tickets for financial need are available upon request. Please make your request via our contact form and specify which day you would like to attend.

SCHEDULE (all times are in ET):
Thursday February 10th

8 PM -
9 PM

TBA with The Satanic Chef

We are welcoming The Satanic Chef, Adam Ostrofsky back to The Satanic Estate for Lupercalia! 

9 PM - 
10 PM

TBA with Thomas Vallor
Back Parlor

Veteran of The Estate, Thomas Vallor, is preparing a brand new history presentation from the perspective of a Salem Witch historian. Stay tuned for more information!

10 PM -
11:00 PM

TBA with TST Committee
Front Parlor

Join members of a to be announced TST Committee for an exploration of all of the essential work they do on behalf of our religion.

11:00 PM -
2 AM

TBA with Shiva Honey
Ritual Chamber

Join Shiva Honey for a presentation with a DJ set to follow.

12:30 PM -
2 AM

Whimsical Blasphemy - Mercy Maelica
Grand Ballroom

Join Mercy for music and videos celebrating Lupercalia. Learn more about the show and pick up some sweet merch at

The Satanic Estate is an online venue available via Desktop or Laptop only. We do not support mobile devices at this time.

Once your ticket is purchased, on event day starting at 7:30 PM ET, go to to get into The Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters for the virtual event. 

If you have already attended events at TSE, you will be able to log in with your previous username and password.

If this is your first time attending an event at TSE, you will be sent access via email to log in and create your password before the event starts.

If you're having technical difficulties accessing TSTVHQ, refer to our FAQs.

If support is still needed, please reach out to us via live chat support on our website or email us at support (at) the satanic . estate

Please be mindful of substance use on camera.
By getting a ticket to The Estate, you are confirming you are over 18 years of age.
The Estate is only open to Satanists 18+