October 29th - HALLOWEEN

October 29th - HALLOWEEN

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A whispering, autumnal breeze rattles through the antediluvian trees of the Estate, heralding October's return. Halloween pulses through these winding corridors and palatial halls, beckoning you home. 

This Halloween, The Satanic Estate opens its doors every Friday in October for a cavalcade of haunts and hellions. Each Friday has a different theme: cats, death, monsters, superstition & Halloween.

Lose yourself in a month of themed performances, lectures, and spooky delights. Wander the halls as ghosts manifest, death creeps into the light and psychedelic horrors burrow into your thoughts.

Gifted tickets for financial need are available upon request. Please make your request via our contact form and specify which day you would like to attend.

SCHEDULE (all times are in ET):
Friday October 29th

8 PM -
8:30 PM

Spook-kiki Costume Party
Tea Room

Join Kaelea Kae & friends for a Spook-kiki, hangout and Halloween costume party. Get dressed up and share your spooky stories & memories of past Halloweens.
8:30 PM - 
9:30 PM
To be announced

10 PM -
11 PM
Halloween in Salem
Back Parlor

Join Salem Witch Wiles, our favorite Salem witch and historian to learn about the bitchin history of Halloween.
11:30 PM -
2 AM

Shiva Honey
Ritual Chamber

Join Shiva Honey, priestess, Minister of Satan and Death Doula, for a Satanic Halloween evening and DJ sesh.  

The Satanic Estate is an online venue available via Desktop or Laptop only. We do not support mobile devices at this time.

Once your ticket is purchased, on October 29th starting at 7:30 PM ET, go to enter.thesatanic.estate to get into The Satanic Temple Virtual Headquarters for the virtual event. 

If you have already attended events at TSE, you will be able to log in with your previous username and password.

If this is your first time attending an event at TSE, you will be sent access via email to log in and create your password before the event starts.

If you're having technical difficulties accessing TSTVHQ, refer to our FAQs.

If support is still needed, please reach out to us via live chat support on our website or email us at support (at) the satanic . estate

Please be mindful of substance use on camera.
By getting a ticket to The Estate, you are confirming you are over 18 years of age.
The Estate is only open to Satanists 18+