Live Event Content Policy

Caretakers of The Satanic Estate are not spokespeople for The Satanic Temple (TST.) We do not necessarily endorse every word said by our guests. Every word said by our guests is not necessarily in line with TST.

All of the performances and lectures we have at the Estate are 18+. By attending an event at The Estate, you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age. If anyone is seen to be under the age of 18 they will be removed from the Estate immediately.

The only knowledge The Satanic Estate and its performers have of the content of these live shows is what is written in their event descriptions across The Satanic Estate social media.

The Estate will include content warnings as thoroughly and consistently as possible in our newly expanded event descriptions. If you would like to know if specific content will be in a particular performance, please contact us and we will try to confirm if the content of concern will be in the presentation. Being that The Estate is a live venue, we can only promise that we will communicate the ask-- performers may or may not be able to remove the content from their events.

These are the content warnings we will be listing in our tickets. If there is not a content warning on our tickets for these items, to our knowledge, the performances will not contain these items, but we can't guarantee it for the reasons discussed above.

Sexual Assault
Child abuse/pedophilia/incest
Animal cruelty or animal death
Self-harm and suicide
Eating disorders, body hatred, and fat phobia
Pornographic content
Kidnapping and abduction
Death or dying
Pregnancy/Childbirth Miscarriages/Abortion
Mental illness and ableism
Racism and racial slurs
Sexism and misogyny
Hateful language directed at religious groups (e.g., Islamophobia, antisemitism) Transphobia and trans misogyny
Homophobia and heterosexism