The Features of The Satanic Estate

Where am I?

Welcome to the Satanic Estate! 
An immersive map based palace for Satanists and satan-adjacent people with labyrinthine rooms to explore, learn and connect within.

How to Access the Estate


To purchase tickets for one of our offerings, please visit TheSatanic.Estate

If you would like to attend but are unable to purchase tickets out of financial needs please check


Entering the Estate

When you purchase a ticket on to attend a conference or a holiday celebration, you will be emailed credentials and information on how to access the event at A temporary password will be included in this email, you will then be prompted to change it to one of your preference.

For example, if you have purchased tickets at to attend one day of a conference in Faction Hall, you will have access to all the rooms in Faction Hall for as long as your credentials are valid, in this case for the day of the conference you bought tickets for.

If you purchase tickets for another event then, your credentials will now be the same for this event too: your email address and the new password you chose.

Once you are logged in to the Estate, you will be asked to fill out your avatar informations. Please, choose a name and sigi, then click ‘Enter’. You will be taken to the first room in that ‘building’.



Navigating the Estate

The Estate includes 3 venues: the Virtual Headquarters (VHQ), Faction Hall, and the Temple. They all offer a unique experience for our guests, presenters, performers, and attendees to gather in a virtual environment.

Each building offers different types of rooms for presentations, performances, socializing, learning, and enjoyment. 

The Virtual Headquarters provides a casual community space for lectures and entertainment. If your ticket is for a party, it’s probably in the Virtual Headquarters. 

Faction Hall is a conference venue. If you are going to an educational or professional conference it is probably going to be held here.

The Temple provides a place for the ministry of The Satanic Temple to hold virtual services. If you are going participate in religious services, this is probably your building!

All three buildings on the Estate are powered by Jitsi Party (an interactive platform developed by Morgane Ciot and Andrew Hall) . They are maintained and operated by The Satanic Temple.


You can navigate through the virtual building in several ways. 

  • Navigation buttons

At the bottom of the screen are navigation buttons that allow you to pass from your current room into any of the adjacent rooms. 

For example, in the screenshot above we see the user is in the Tea Room. There are three rectangular navigation buttons. If the user wishes to leave the room they could choose to go to the Front Parlor, the Den, or the Garden.


  • Map, Calendar, and Moderator buttons

Notice how in the above example there are also three additional square buttons in the bottom left corner of the window.

The furthest left square button is the map button. Clicking this will reveal a map of the venue. If you hover over the map with your mouse, it will tell you the name of the room, whether there are any events scheduled or going on in that room, how many people are in the room and some of their usernames. Using the map you can click on a room to enter it instead of using the navigation buttons, if you wish. 

The center of the three square buttons is the calendar button. Opening the calendar will give you an itinerary of the day’s events within that venue. Events are listed chronologically by start time with a title, brief description, and the name of the room within the venue the event will be taking place. bonus: those times are in your own time zone times.

The rightmost square button is the Moderator button. While the staff makes every attempt to monitor the venue, we cannot be everywhere at once. So this button will open a message window that lets you send a note to our moderation team to alert them of any disruptive issues that room may be experiencing. Technical issues, unruly attendees, and any general questions can be directed here and our staff will receive your comment almost immediately so we can address the issue. 

Note: When in a room there will also be a fourth button in VHQ, called the Hex button (it has a little skull on it). This button acts like a ‘poke’ on other platforms and allows users to nudge each other throughout the venue to get each other’s attention or allow friends to let each other know they are there as well. Just a bit of fun. 

Room Types

There are several types of rooms within our venues. We design the rooms for each event or series of events depending on the needs of our guests, presenters and performers.

  • Presentation rooms

In our presentation rooms guests will find a video feed on the right hand side of the screen while guests congregate on the left hand side. 


  • Social rooms

Estate social rooms are powered by Jitisi and allow guests to congregate and interact with each other using chat, audio, and video.

In some of these rooms guest interactions are restricted to the chat feature (which one can toggle open and closed using the text bubble icon at the bottom left of the frame). Depending on the nature of the presentation or performance, the presenter/performer or staff may wish to allow guests to also enable audio and video participation.

Example: In the Grand Ballroom at VHQ, there is a chat window, guest audio has been disabled but users are free to enable their webcams to interact visually using the camera icon in the bottom center of the guest frame.

  • Content rooms

Content rooms do not allow guests to interact with one another, but allow guests to access content hosted within the house.

For example, the Library rooms in VHQ and Faction Hall host a collection of curated PDF files that attendees are free to peruse at any time during an event.


In case you would like to take a tour of the Estate, our Dearest satanic tour guide Thomas O'Brien Vallor put together a video for you to enjoy:


The Estate Caretakers would like to thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy your time at The Satanic Estate! Please let us know if you have any questions. If you are in one of the Estate buildings you can use the contact Moderator button to send us a message, or feel free to reach out to us at any time via email at:

Hail Satan