The Estate FAQs


What are the technical requirements?

You’ll need a laptop or desktop computer that runs the Chrome browser. VHQ can be attempted on Android mobile devices but it’s not a great experience. You’ll want a video camera and microphone as well for the full experience but you don’t have to use them if you’re feeling shy.

I bought my ticket but have not received access. How do I get my login information?

We invite you to read more here about your tickets and access to the Estate.

If I’m having trouble, how can I troubleshoot? 

First, make sure you’re using Chrome on a laptop or desktop, not a mobile device. Try logging out and restarting Chrome. Try an incognito tab if that still does not work. Double check the user/password for spaces and caps. Last, make sure that the URL is Other sites (eg: FB) can refer you to a long link and it will prevent entering the site. If you’re still having trouble, contact us and we’ll work through it in real time. 


If I want to buy a ticket for a friend, what do I do?

Buy the ticket using your friend's email address. They'll receive information directly on how to access The Estate.


How can I perform at VHQ?

We’re always looking for new performers. Contact us with your idea! Every Satanist from Directors to new members is welcome to perform at The Estate. A small honorarium is available.

My TST Chapter or FoG wants to do an event at VHQ like a book club, craft night, or game night instead of on Zoom. How do we participate?

Just like you book a room at a library you can book a room at VHQ. Reach out to us to book a free room.


I can't afford VHQ. Can I still attend?

TST congregations and committees are all given a number of tickets for financial need to distribute each holiday. Talk to the leader of your congregation to receive your ticket if there's financial need. If you need a ticket on the basis of financial need and do not have a congregation, contact us directly. We have a limited number of tickets available per holiday for this purpose.


Where does the cost of my ticket go?

Winstonian provides 50% of all net profits directly to The Satanic Temple. 10% of all profits go towards the web app development of The Estate. The remaining 40% of all proceeds are divided between the 13 Caretakers of The Satanic Estate as a small gestural honorarium of gratitude for all they do.