01/10/2023 - Satanic Data & You - North American Edition

01/10/2023 - Satanic Data & You - North American Edition

The Satanic Estate
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The Satanic Temple's religious weekly services: join us for Temple Tuesday!


Tuesday, January 10th, 2023
Service: 6-7 PM PT/ 9-10 PM ET

Topic: Satanic Data & You - North American Edition

Led By: Minister Sister Zither

The Temple services are meant as live discussions rather than lectures, so these will not be recorded to respect everyone's privacy when participating. Please visit the Satanic Ministry archive at https://services.satanicministry.com/archives/ to view previous Temple services.


After Services Activities:

In Malthus.

Join Dungeon Mistress Kaelea and a team of intrepid adventurers as they unravel mysteries in the Kingdom of Ekerion, a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons homebrew campaign. Tune in for laughs, silly voices, twists and turns, and lots of dice-rolling shenanigans.

Dark Arts and Crafts with Zoey Inferni & CraftSatan | AFTER SERVICES ACTIVITIES
In Andromalius.

Join Satanic artists for a very chill craft and chat session. Bring your WACOM tablet, Apple Pen, paint, markers. 

Satanic Writers Circle with Meilin Kikkano | AFTER SERVICES ACTIVITIES
In Chapel of Los.

Join Satanic writers in our community for our writer's circle! Our primary intention is to create a space for loving accountability for writers of poetry, short stories, novels, screenplays. 

Satanic Sober Faction at Temple | AFTER SERVICES ACTIVITIES
In Chapel of Urizen.

Join TST Sober Faction at 10pm after Temple services at the Satanic Estate for Sober Satanist community building. TST Sober Faction will be hosting special meetings after weekly services such as Sober Book club hosted by Priest Joe Dee, Seven Ritual Workshop hosted by Reverend Jon Eldritch, & free talk Q&A session. 

Whimsical Blasphemy with Mercy Maelica | AFTER SERVICES ACTIVITIES
In Bifrons.

Music and videos live from Salem with Mercy Maelica. Learn more at https://whimsicalblasphemy.com

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Temple access is and always will be 100% free.

To donate to The Satanic Temple to help support the costs it shoulders to provide ongoing services the religion provides for its membership click here.

To donate to The Satanic Estate, the organization that runs Temple, VHQ, and Faction Hall click here.

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From Priest Penemue, Director of The Satanic Temple Ministry

"Services begin promptly on the hour in the Temple Sanctuary with a recitation of The Satanic Temple Invocation. The minister will introduce the topic of the week with a short declamation, and then invite congregants into a discussion. At the end of the hour, the minister will conclude with a short peroration and an announcement of after-service activities.

Our religious discussions strive to be personal and inclusive. When Congregants enter the Temple Sanctuary, they will be able to watch the services on a video feed and will have access to a text chat. To facilitate the flow of conversation, we ask that those who would like to actively participate in the discussion connect on Zoom using a link that will be provided. (No requirement that your video be on.) Please use the text chat sparingly so you are not interfering with others' ability to attend and enjoy the video discussion."

What is Temple?

Temple is one of the three virtual buildings of The Satanic Estate.
It is The Satanic Temple's religious virtual center for weekly services-- a
n immersive map-based temple for Satanists to congregate, with labyrinthine rooms to explore, learn and connect within. 

Satanists can access Temple for free every Tuesday from 9 PM ET to midnight ET. 

What are Temple Religious Weekly Services?

Every Tuesday, a Minister of Satan will lead a guided discussion of the topic of the week. After services are over, the Temple will host activities for the congregants to enjoy and rooms to socialize & connect with other congregants.

How to access Temple

Even though Temple is free, you need to get a ticket in order to have access. Tickets for each Tuesday's weekly services will be available as Minister of Satan's lectures are announced.

Entering Temple

If you have attended past events at The Satanic Estate, please use the same email and password to log in to enter.thesatanic.estate at 9 PM ET on Tuesdays.

If this is your first time attending an event at The Satanic Estate, when you purchase a ticket, you will be emailed credentials and information on how to access the event. A temporary password will be included in this email, you will then be prompted to change it to one of your preference. 

Navigating the Estate 

If you would like more information about how to navigate our virtual buildings, please check out The Features of The Satanic Estate